Professional experience

This is the description of the different positions I performed in career. I have been trusted with diverse responsabilities inside each company due to my pro-active attitude and willingess to help. It is specially noticeable in Travel Brokers where I could work simultaneally in various roles in different areas of the organization.

Nordics Claims Operations Specialist

December 2017 – Present

Effectively controlled and coordinated more than 30 monthly based processes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Responsible of the 4 Nordic Countries recurrent transactions with more than 50 Million euros personally processed.

Successfully removed previous backlog in the first 6 months by eliminating and condensing outdated processes. Cut data processing time and improved team’s operational efficiency by 50% by automating processes and streamlining procedures.

In charge of the collection, preparation, and distribution of accurate ad hoc and weekly reporting for the Nordic Managers.

Responsible of the creation of training material for all Nordic claims departments ensuring the correct coordination and control of daily transactions, resulting in a reduction of 20% human errors.

Moreover, during my time in AIG, I’ve been trusted with other responsibilities outside my position due to my skills, pro-active attitude and specific knowledge such as:

  • Improved efficiency in Distribution and Direct Marketing departments by providing automated solutions that reduced manual activity saving 5%+ weekly time.
  • Reduce reliance on outside contractors by designing and producing marketing material in-house.
  • Assigned as Project Manager for process validations and involved in digitalization process of the company at a Nordics Level.

Head of Office Committee

June 2018 – Present

As member of the committee, I have contributed to the general improvement of the office work environment and created and organized internal company events while being responsible of their design and promotion.

Recently trusted as Headof the Office Committee in charge of the coordination and correct functioning of the team.

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