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Elevator pitch

I am a marketing, data analytics passionate and a technology driven person that enjoys working in challenging environments.

From private powerful companies to a Fortune 500 organization, I have grown my skills in data analytics, project management, process automation and customer service excellency while wearing tons of hats. I consider myself a dreamer with a can-do attitude and I do not shy away from taking initiative. I have been trusted with significant projects in the past and I always respond with dedication and results.

I am motivated, thriving on uniqueness and resourceful. I believe that creating a good work environment based on respect, ethics and trust are key for a healthy mind and life/work balance. I am dedicated, organized and flexible and through an empathetic approach, I have always had the best experiences working in diverse teams.

I have good presence, very strong interpersonal skills and it is natural for me to care about people. Always open to new contacts and opportunities.

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I have the courage and passion needed to motivate people. I can take control and be responsible.


Ready to take calculated risks, to make decisions and be accountable for them.


Determined to look for the best solution and able to overcome any difficulties.


Is important to understand other people’s viewpoints, I am emotionally supportive and helpful.


I am detail oriented and rational. I like numbers and to understand the meaning behind them.


I never lost my inner child. Focused in sharing positiveness, I’ve learned to enjoy life.



Can‐do attitude, pro-active, willing to do things, to learn, to enjoy and work hard.


Perceptive, capable of deep, insightful thinking to look for things that others may not see.



I aim high, I don’t settle, I look for possibilities others may not, latteral thinker, creative.

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