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I believe in feedback as a motor for improvement, for change, and I have always encouraged people to provide me with constructive fedback. Here there are some examples of the comments I have received in my educational and professional life.

Both, of course my teachers, and especially my colleagues, thank you very much for all these words that they gave me and I will always keep. Also I want to thank all the people I have had the pleasure to work with. They are a source of motivation for me to keep striving every day.

Thank you.

Rune Glæser – Manager, Consumer and Express Claims Denmark & Norway at AIG

“Alejandro is a technically very skilled co worker, who will go out of his way to support you and your team, which I have benefitted from time and time again. Alejandro’s fast analytical thinking has helped solve several problems. No matter what issue I have reached out to Alejandro about, he has always had a positive attitude which I appreciate a lot.”

Maarit Liuha – Marketing Manager, Direct to Consumer  at AIG

“Alejandro has a tendency to welcome everybody warmly to the team and keep them in a good mood. He is very skilled in marketing and his technical capabilities are giving him an advantage he can be proud of.”

Elisabeth Sørensen – Nordics Claim Operation Specialist at AIG

Alejandro is the best colleague one can wish for: Forthcoming and always eager to help. Due to his excellent communication skills as well as his extreme patience, he holds a special talent for teaching others as well as making engaging presentations. Alejandro doesn’t seem to know hesitation: he’ll rather get the work done. Not only is he extremely efficient, but he is like a wizard when it comes to using Excel and other software to solve problems and create sustainable solutions.”

Maria Moilanen – Customer Success Lead at BrandBastion

“Alejandro has demonstrated an independent spirit with which he managed the tasks given without requiring significant support. He showed a capability to plan, coordinate and execute projects within target deadlines. He can be relied on to deliver end results independently, as he is a quick learner, an analytical problem-solver, well organized and efficient.”

Pablo Sánchez – General Manager at Travel Brokers

“Alejandro is persevering and a perfectionist, he loves challenges and gives his all to overcome them while exceeding expectations.”

Luiza Laskova – Nordics OPS Specialist at AIG

“Despite knowing Alejandro for quite short time, I can admit he is one of the greatest co-workers I’ve had in AIG! He is an impressive person – he has implemented many of his ideas on how to facilitate the processes in AIG Nordics OPS such as Excel Macros, Manuals and HTG for different types of software that are used when performing the task etc.

He conducted the training for Nordics OPS that I had to receive and I can happily say this is how perfect training should be conducted – with accurate and well-organised guidelines, with good examples of all the possible scenarios and the validation with objective feedback and explanation.

He is also a very nice person – always uplifting the spirit of the conversation so everybody is feeling comfortable and open to talk. It’s a pleasure to work with you.”

Mia Kainulainen – Accounts Payable, Nordics at AIG

I have worked with Alejandro for about 2 years in the same team and in this time I have been able to see his outstanding skills with Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop and visual design in general. He has delivered accurate ad hoc reports for all the Nordic managers and thanks to his analytical skills, he has also automated many of our team´s processes and also other departments´, increasing the overall efficiency of the office.

He has been responsible of making quality presentations in different business areas, of designing stunning invitations for different events, as well as our corporate email newsletters and several other marketing materials.

He is an active member of our party committee where we have created a lot of creative parties together, and more importantly, he has recently been trusted to be the Leader of the Office Committee. He is always ready to help anyone that may need him.”

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