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If you are here it means that you have recieved my message and you know I am open to work! But, who am I? And why would you be interested in hiring me to your team?

I am motivated, thriving on uniqueness and resourceful. 

  • From private powerful companies to a Fortune 500 organization, I developed skills in data analytics, project management, process automation, and customer service excellence while wearing a lot of hats in various international teams.
  • I believe that creating a good work environment based on respect, ethics and trust are key for a healthy mind and life/work balance.
  • I have good presence, very strong interpersonal skills and it is natural for me to care about people. Always open to new contacts and opportunities.

If you want to know more about the results of my goal-oriented mentality or details of my professional background, you are more than welcome to browse my website and LinkedIn profile.

Here you can see my CV

The following documents might help you determine whether I am the right candidate.

Alva Lab Tests

Alva Labs logic test

Above average (93rd – 98th percentile)

Alva Labs personality test

Friendly, soft-hearted, resilient, trusting, diligent, energetic, innovative, curious…

Recommendation letters

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As Jeff Bezos said: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

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